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We promise to provide Hyper-Growth to our clients by putting forth Innovative Business Models, Clever Marketing Strategies, Brand-Friendly Websites & Direct Solid Response Tactics for your business growth. Many clients were impressed by our Website Development Singapore services and stayed with us for more than ten years. We have a track record of satisfying all of our clients. We have not given even a single chance to any of them to complain.

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We offer Customized and Template-based web designs in your price range based on your time and budget requirements. Whatever you choose, we guarantee that we will put our all into making it a Masterpiece.

Experts in e-Commerce

We specialise in creating and managing ‘Single-Vendor’ and ‘Multi-Vendor eCommerce Stores.’ Our web designers have received extensive training in the creation of small and inclusive eCommerce websites.

Bespoke Digital Marketing Solutions

To help you compete on a large scale, broaden your reach with competent digital marketing services. We can help you become an influencer and achieve your goals faster, regardless of your position.

Web Application Development Services.

Website Development

Building a complete, functional, and thorough website from scratch is our strength. Our websites are tailored to suit the needs of our customers. To achieve this personalized software development, we use advanced approaches and technologies.

QA & Testing

After the completion of the project, intensive QA & Testing comes into the picture to ensure everything is working as flat as a pancake on your website.

Progressive Web Apps

We build progressive web apps as it has now become a new standard to increase our clients’ revenue. Tell us your needs, and we will develop your progressive web applications that your end-users love.

Support & Maintenance

We extend ultimate accountability when it comes to website support and maintenance. Our tech experts are there to offer round-the-clock support and maintenance to all its clients.

Software Development

Our software development services are known for scalability and customizations. At Narola Infotech, we develop both mobile and web apps. We work extensively on developing dynamic websites to highly engaging mobile apps.

eCommerce Website Development

We design and build eCommerce websites that help our clients grow revenue and profit faster. Our expert team of developers will turn your eCommerce website into a powerful online selling tool.

Get Deeper Insights Into Web Application Development Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Each project is unique, and the pricing is determined by your specifications and technology. Once you have provided our team with your vision and criteria, we will be able to recommend the best solution as well as an approximate cost.

Contact us for an estimate of the cost of digitising your business plans or to clear up any confusion about our web design services.

Web design has the ability to increase your company’s sales and improve your website’s exposure in Google.

Take a look at our research on the effect of web design on sales.

According to a survey, 75% of respondents regard a well-designed website as trustworthy or reputable.

If your website’s design is outdated or monotonous, users will go to your competitors’ websites, resulting in a decrease in new sales.

Our Singapore web designers and digital marketing experts conduct extensive research before beginning a project. It comprises a thorough awareness of the competition, target audience, and lead generation tactics.

Our Project Management team will hold bi-weekly meetings to monitor progress and discuss completed assignments. In addition, we will provide you with a working link where you may monitor the site’s progress.

We use Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Drupal, and Laravel to create result-oriented e-commerce systems. Our personnel have extensive experience and expertise in utilising these technologies to create highly customised or tailor-made solutions to B2B, B2C web design, and D2C commerce. Our eCommerce website design enables your visitors to digitally purchase goods and services through an engaging and self-serving experience. In addition, we provide plugins to improve the user experience and expand capabilities.


Our Singapore web design team is very talented in web design and development, and we routinely use popular CMS systems such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Joomla Laravel, and Drupal. It puts us in an excellent position to quickly diagnose and resolve issues with your website.

Our web designers can frequently resolve website issues on the fly, saving you time and money.

Please provide us with a brief explanation of your website problem, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We’re currently working on a few projects. The following are the secrets of our effective catering to each project:

  • Your project will be supervised by a team that includes a web developer, content writer, graphic designer, and SEO expert.
  • Each of our projects is allocated a dedicated Project Manager, who will collaborate with the customer and communicate instructions to the team about how the website should look.
  • What type of material does the client want to see on its website?
  • What are clients’ preferences for visual representation?

The overall amount of time required for a website to debut is determined by the following factors:

  • The client’s website criteria and expectations
  • The total time required for Research, Design, and Development.
  • How does the customer want its HomePage to appear? (Word length, visual representation, and word types)
  • How many more pages must be created?
  • The extent to which bespoke functionality will be included.
  • What should the layout and structure of a website look like?
  • Process of Evaluation (Client Provides His Feedback)
  • Exception: If the client modifies the parameters, extra time is necessary.

A custom website takes longer to construct than a template-based one.

Rest assured that we will go above and above to make your company happy.