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Most common questions about software/app development and the answers to them

On this page, we’ve included the most frequently asked questions and answers about software/app development. If you can’t find what you’re searching for, please contact us directly via our contact form.

We can’t give an exact answer because there are projects that take 2 to 3 weeks to complete, but there are other activities that take years to accomplish.

To give you with an accurate answer, we must first assess the project’s complexity and task scope. We can give you with an anticipated time frame based on this information.

There is no need for this. After all, you don’t need to be an expert in medicine to seek the services of a dentist. You do not need to be a software development specialist since we are. We are prepared to explain all ambiguous times and the significance of all stages while we work on the project.

All you need is a clear picture of the goals you wish to achieve with the software package of choice. As a result, all you have to do is focus on your requirements, and we will assist you in making them a reality.

Our personnel are paid on an hourly basis at our company, depending on the technology used and the amount of experience of the specialists involved in the project.

Simply describe your project’s scope, timelines, and business difficulties you’d like to solve.  And we’ll ask any follow up questions if required.

We work in a short iteration mode (Agile Methodology) and test the work results on a frequent basis, taking into consideration all customer preferences and the reaction of the target audience. This method enables us to supply high-quality items to our customers while meeting deadlines. Our key goal is quality.

Yes, we are always happy to offer technical support and service for the apps we have created. We can also help you to develop your product further if you need to add new features or integrate third-party services.

Which platform you should use is entirely dependent on your future application concept and target audience. Each platform has its own revenue scheme. Apple customers are more likely to spend money on paid apps and in-app purchases.

If direct monetization is desired, iOS should be used. Although there are more Android users, they are less likely to pay for app installation and prefer free apps. The more downloads there are, the more expensive the advertising in the app becomes. If the goal is to manage user attention, Android should be picked.

We strongly advise starting with a single platform or developing a cross-platform application. This will expedite the project’s debut while also assisting in assessing its shortcomings and making any necessary improvements. This will save you money and time.

If you want to lessen or raise the intensity of the project work, we are always willing to accommodate your needs. We will readily incorporate more team members in your project if necessary to satisfy your goals.

Our professionals have a diverse set of skills, allowing us to provide our customers with the best options for achieving their objectives. We work with C#, ASP.NET Core/MVC, Xamarin, Angular/Angular.JS, React/React.JS, Node.JS, and WPF as part of our core NymbleFox profile.

The minimum would be $3000. Our portfolio has grown over time to include both huge commercial solutions and apps tailored to realise single-person concepts. We are not concerned with the project’s scale, but with its benefits and ability to handle specific challenges.

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend all our clients to have one ready before engaging us.

The main approach we use in our work is Agile, though this may vary depending on the project. An iterative approach to project work allows us to continually enhance product quality while also receiving constant client input.

As a global development company, we provide our services to customers from all over the world; our key markets are the USA, Singapore Canada, New Zealand, and countries in Central and Western Europe.

It usually takes around two weeks to begin working on the project. However, it is dependent on the project’s characteristics and the amount of individuals involved.

We offer customers several pricing models, which allows any company to choose the best option: Fixed Price, Time & Materials, or Dedicated Team Model. Payment methods accepted are credit card via Stripe or Paypal. Paynow and Bank Transfer is also available if you are based in Singapore.

We certainly can. Our software developers are well-versed in a variety of technologies and will almost always be able to complete the project begun by another team.

Our headquarters is located in Singapore. However, we have a global team in locations including USA, India, Ukraine and Singapore.

It may not always make sense to devote all of your time and money to the initial launch of a significant project. The problem is that the project may fail to meet market demands. As a result, if you have an idea but are unsure about it, we advocate testing it with an MVP development.

If you have any questions that you cannot find answers to on this page, or if you want to discuss the project details before we begin working together, please contact us and we will gladly answer all of your questions.

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